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Jules Clarysse works with a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team that serves its customers in the spirit of partnership. Respect for the work of every individual - a fundamental tenet bestowed on all of us by grandfather Jules Clarysse - is to this day held in high esteem. This is symbolised by a statue that stands at the entrance to the company headquarters. It is a metaphor for 3 generations of Clarysses - the bond they maintain with each other and with textile yarns. Luc and Bernard Clarysse, the brothers who manage the business today, were born and raised in the textile industry.
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Jules Clarysse
Jules Clarysse
Brugsesteenweg 106
8740 Pittem
Tel.: +32 51 46 03 00
Fax: +32 51 46 54 21
Email: info@julesclarysse.com