Cradle to Cradle : an innovative and durable business model

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Cradle to Cradle : an innovative and durable business model
JULES CLARYSSE launches the first 100% biodegradable towel in Europe on Interieur 2010

For the West Flemish company Jules Clarysse, an expert in sojafibre-, fairtrade- and biocotton towels, the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) business programm is a very important though logical step in its strategy towards a 100% ecological enterprise.

Jules Clarysse is one of Europe’s most innovative home textiles producers. It has been a family-owned company since it was established in 1953, with its head office in Pittem (Belgium). The enterprise is vertically integrated and employs more than 400 people. Jules Clarysse has an annual turnover of 50 million euros, mainly in Europe, which means a daily output of 100000 towels.
Design and innovation are the company’s trumps and the white collars consistently apply a durable strategy to stay a pioneer in the sector/branch. The result of this is the launching of the very first 100% biodegradable towel that is soon going to wear the Cradle to Cradle label.

CEO Luc Clarysse about this step: “Oar goal is to develop products that are safe and healthy for both man and the environment. Moreover, the towels have to be completely biodegradable when used. For our company, the production of this 100% biodegradable towel is a radical process that requires a totally new kind of cooperation between the supplier, producer, consumer and processor.”

Jules Clarysse is assisted by the noted professor Michael Braungart, the Cradle to Cradle guru. This cooperation has arisen when Jules Clarysse won an award for ‘Discover the endless Life – Infinite Use’, a competition organised by the Flemish Minister for Social Economy Kathleen Van Brempt.
Jules Clarysse has worked intensively for one year to develop, produce and finish the towel consistent with the Cradle to Cradle business plan. The 100% biodegradable ingredients have to be spun, woven and dyed in accordance with this principle. The paint, ink and packaging have to be 100% biodegradable.
The result of this process are soft, comfortable bath towels, wash cloths, beach towels, …

Professor Michael Braungart about the Cradle to Cradle principle: “The principle does not give the consumer a visible extra value. It is a condition for and a holistic framework that seeks to create quality.
However, it is important to convince everyone of this ecological point of view, that a harmful product for the environment is a bad product.”
That is why Clarysse wants to face the challenge to drag along the retail business, a crucial link.

But there is more! Jules Clarysse really wants to embrace the chain-thinking – the fact that you close the circle of resources; the basic thought of C2C. The company is looking for ways to collect and compost discarded towels, according to their motto “Waste is food”. In that way, it returns its resources to nature, the circle is round.
Jules Clarysse also wants to make sure that the waste of the production of sojafibre and bio-cotton towels is recycled as much as possible. Like this, the cotton waste is used to produce mops and the water is being reused for 90%.

It is not a coincidence that Jules Clarysse is going to launch the Cradle to Cradle towel on Interieur 2010.
Together with a number of other companies that adhere to the C2C business model, they prove that “From Nature to nature” is a feasible project.

Jules Clarysse is to be found at the Design at Work manifestation, Hall5-Underground stall 19 on INTERIEUR 2010 in Kortrijk, Belgium from 15 to 24 Octobre 2010.

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